100% Chymosin Liquid Rennet Quadruple Strength

Chy-Max M liquid rennet is double-strength and naturally fermented. Vegetarian and Kosher certified rennet for making cheese at home.

About This Product

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This rennet is no longer available since it is very similar to the Double Strength ChyMax Extra Rennet.  There wasn't enough demand to stock this rennet.

Liquid rennet is used in cheesemaking as a coagulation aid that separates whey from the milk curds. It is a vital part of the cheesemaking process, used in cheeses from Parmesan to Manchego. This rennet comes in liquid form, and is suitable for home cheesemaking. This rennet is quadruple strength, so be aware of its high concentration when using it in recipes. A good rule of thumb is using half the amount your recipe calls for, to account for its strength. The product is non-GMO, and all natural. 

This rennet is Kosher, halal and vegetarian, making it suitable for all kinds of dietary restrictions. It is packaged using food-grade sanitizers, ensuring that other rennet does not come into contact with this rennet or any of its containers. Vegetarian rennets like this one are vegetable-based. The coagulating properties of rennet are often used in making fresh kefir grains, along with starter culture that can be found in our cheesemaking kits. The rennet comes in four sizes: 1 ounce, 4 ounces, 1 pint, 1 quart. The range of sizes makes it easy to find one that is appropriate for your needs and the amount of cheese you plan to make.

This liquid rennet can be used in all kinds of cheeses, including brie. The formation of curds gives the first glimpse of what will eventually become cheese. For a smooth introduction to making brie, try a brie cheesemaking kit that contains instructions along with all the ingredients and molds needed for the process. The Cheesemaker has all the ingredients, equipment and accessories for expert and amateurs alike to make delicious batches of cheese in all varieties. 

  •      Liquid vegetable-based rennet
  •      Kosher certified, halal and suitable for vegetarians
  •      Quadruple strength, so only half the amount listed in recipes is required
  •      Produces more rounded flavors
  •      Available in 4 sizes: 1 oz., 4 oz., 1 pt., 1 qt.(1 liter actual size)

Naturally produced through fermentation, CHY-MAX® M is double-strength, Kosher, Halal & Vegetarian certified. More coagulation efficiency cheese yield. Mild and rounded flavors. CHY-MAX® M is natural and is not GM/ non-GMO. This product is highly concentrated. Follow the usage rate. If you're now using ChyMax Extra Chymosin, start by using 50% less of the ChyMax M rennet.

This rennet is acceptable for the production of vegetarian cheeses. 

Hobbyist usage rate: .015 tsp/.076ml or (2-3.5 drops) per gallon(3.78 liters) of milk. Industry: refer to Information Sheets below.  

Available in 1 oz.(29.5ml) only, NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN 4 oz.(118ml, 1 pint (.47 liter), 1.056 quart(1 liter**). This rennet is Kosher approved and acceptable for vegetarian cheeses.  

**Note: the liter size is sealed/labeled/certified Circle K Kosher.

Kosher Certified    Need empty 1 and 4 oz. fill bottles?  Click here.

Kosher Certifications:  rennets bearing Kosher certification are: CHY-MAX® M Liquid Rennet,  Chymosin (ChyMax Extra) Liquid Rennet,  Organic Vegetarian Liquid Rennet(Marzyme Liquid) and Vegetarian Liquid Rennet(Microbial Coagulant)(Marzyme Liquid). We repackage directly from the Kosher Certified container into smaller bottles, using strict procedures and a food grade sanitizer so there is no cross contamination. Non Kosher rennet does not come into contact with any Kosher rennet or any repackaging equipment. Note: our one gallon containers of rennet are sealed and certified/labeled by Circle K. Smaller amounts do not note the cert. Our one liter size of CHY-MAX® M Liquid Rennet is labeled Circle K Kosher.

Information Sheets

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What Our Customers Say

  • 5

    Posted by Karina Flores on 7th Jul 2020

    This product is very effective and easy to use to make cheese

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Timothy Conner on 5th Dec 2017

    Sets goat milk perfectly

  • 5
    Works perfectly!

    Posted by Heather Hagan on 19th Jun 2017

    Was looking for a kosher rennet to make cheese and was the best option - made some awesome cheese, shipping was super fast!

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by Vera on 5th Jan 2017

    I have used this rennet for a couple of years, find that it stores well in the fridge, and contributes towards making a good cheese.

  • 5
    Love the Liquid Rennet!

    Posted by Lyn on 21st Sep 2014

    I only use liquid rennet for my chevre, because it only takes 2 drops. The little bottle last me for two years. I actually prefer animal rennet for hard cheeses, but this is very handy and easy to use for such a small amount.