Base Only X-Large Tomme Cheese Mould

X-Large Mould for 3-5 Gallons Milk (Base only no lid/follower)

About This Product

BASE ONLY  (without Lid/Follower)  EXTRA LARGE Tomme Mould

  • Perfect for Tomme cheeses, but can also make bleus and hard cheeses
  • Uses up to 5.5 gallons of milk (extra large size)
  • Extra-large dimensions: inside height 6in.(15.2cm), inside diameter 7 7/8in.(20cm)


extra-large: inside height 6in.(15.2cm), inside diameter 7 7/8in.(20cm). Can be used with approximately 3-5.5 gallons (11-20.82 liters) of milk.

Use cheese cloth (50 or 60 grade) to dress your cheese in these moulds.  Or use our Muslin Socks to dress/bandage your hard cheeses.

FYI: Using the larger moulds does not mean you have to use more milk/curds, you can make cheeses with less height using the Extra-Large Tomme Mould.  

Shipping included within the Continental USA. International shipping available.