Beginner Cheese Maker FAQ

Beginner Cheese Maker FAQ

Posted by The CheeseMaker on 20th Sep 2018

Cheese making can be a great hobby. Not only do you get to enjoy the process of making it but at the end, you also get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you are new to making cheese, you may have some questions. The process can be a little confusing at the beginning and some aspects are not completely straightforward. Plus, asking questions will help to make you better at it in the long run. Here is a look at some common questions about how to make cheese.

Can I make different types of cheeses at home?

Yes. Differences are all about slight variances. All cheese generally start the same, but additives and steps in the process may differ. Even small changes can change the type of cheese or the flavor. You may need to alter ingredients or add additional equipment to your supplies to make the different cheeses or get a cheese culture, but you certain can make all types of cheese right in your own home.

How much cheese can I get from one gallon of milk?

Since milk is usually bought by the gallon, this is a very common question. The answer is that you will get about one pound of hard cheese or two pounds of soft cheese from one gallon of milk.

How should I get started?

Sometimes the hardest part of doing something new is just getting started. You should first buy a good book on cheese making for beginners that has instructions and recipes. You also need to make sure you have all the required for the recipe you wish to make. You may also attend a workshop or class for beginners. Start out with an easy cheese recipe, and before you know it, you will be making all types of cheese.

If you are excited about making cheese, then make sure that you get all the cheese making supplies you need before you start. Get shopping now so you can start making cheese today.