Bottomless Chèvre/Fromage Blanc Cheese Mould

Great Mould for a Log of Goat Cheese!

About This Product

Make traditional Chevre logs with this mould!


These bottomless moulds are excellent for forming different lengths of Chevre or just about any fresh or bloomy rind cheese you are making. 


Top inside diameter:2 3/8inches (6cm), height: 5 1/2 inches (14cm). 



Shipping included within the continental USA.


What Our Customers Say

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    Posted by Stabuck on 1st Dec 2022

    Such a great way to form cheese logs for my chevre. I start by straining my curd in muslim for a few hours, then I stand this mold on a plate and spoon in curd, packing it gently with the spon as I go (if you fill it before straining it's so runny/soft and hard to work with). I tip the plate from time to time to remove any whey that's accumulated, being careful not to lift up the mold. After an hour or so I flip it and let the other side drain. After that I lay it on it's side, on a cookie cooling rack, with the plate underneath. I rotate that every hour or so until no more whey drains out. Easy to slide out for storage or staight to serving!

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    Has no follower

    Posted by Christine Perry on 25th Jun 2017

    I have not been able to use this, it did not come with a follower so I am not sure how I am supposed to use it without rigging something up in my kitchen...... which was the whole reason why I bought it in the first place. I love my cultures that I got and the shipping was quick. Note from Steve/thecheesemaker: bottomless hoops(moulds) are usually used to drain soft cheeses like chevre or bloomy rind styles. No follower is needed or made for this style of hoop. By flipping the hoop over numerous times during draining, the cheese is allowed to drain evenly and form nicely. However, one such hoop (the Brie hoop) does have a follower(lid) so that both soft Brie as well as larger low moisture hard cheeses can be pressed. Of course there are several moulds with lids designed for pressing the curd.

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    Great molds

    Posted by Linda Webb on 31st Mar 2016

    Made blue cheese with these molds. I am pretty new to cheesemaking and found these very easy to use and produced perfect cheeses. Not only is product great, but this supplier in wonderful. Fast and free shipping. Perfect with every order I have placed.