Calcium Chloride Dry 10 Units


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  -10   2 oz. Dry Calcium Chloride Packets & 10 4 oz. Fill Bottles.   $45.00

  -10   8 oz. Dry Calcium Chloride Packets & 10 4 oz. Fill Bottles.   $85.00

If you make a lot of cheese and use a lot of Cal.Chl. mixing the granules into water is easy and very cost effective. 4 oz(118ml). plastic bottle included. Calcium Chloride will help milk coagulate better, especially when using milk which may be low in milk solids and/or over heated. Or if using goat's milk or store bought milk which is pasteurized. Add calcium chloride when adding rennet.

Mixing the dry product into water to acheive the correct 32-33% concentration:

2 oz.(56.7g)=16tsp(5ml) Add to 16 oz.(473ml) of clean water.

8 oz.(226.7g)=64tsp(320ml) Add to 64 oz.(1.89liters) of clean water.

Use ¼ tsp.(liquid) (1.2ml) per 2 gal.(7.5l) of milk. Mix 1 tsp(5ml) for every 1.1oz(32.5ml) of water for 32-33% concentration.

Kosher Certified

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