Camembert and Blue Cheese Making Culture Mold Rennet Packets eBook

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About This Product

This product includes four packet-sets of cultures/molds and rennet**.  The inoculants are freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Inoculation which means no need to make a starter culture. The inoculants can be used directly on the milk surface. It is best to allow the dry rennet to dissolve in a small amount of clean water 10 minutes prior to placing into the milk.

Includes 1 Packet of Blue Cheese Culture/Mold and 1 Packet of Rennet: Blue cheese: one packet will make two Blue cheeses each using two gallons of milk. 
Includes 1 Packet of Camembert Cheese Culture/Mold and 1 Packet of Rennet.  Camembert Cheese:  One Packet will make two Camembert Cheeses each using one gallon of milk.

 Also Includes:  Camembert/Brie/Blue Cheese Making eBook sent via email.

These packets are premeasured and easy to use. If you make these cheeses often, you will save money purchasing/using the individual items in the packets listed above.  Or purchase the culture/mold/rennet/calcium chloride for these cheeses.  After purchase you will receive an email to download the eBook and other docs to start reading immediately. 


**Mesophilic MM100 series or MA11 series,  Penicillum Candidum , Geotrichum Candidum, Penicillium Roqueforti(blue cheese) and Organic Dry Calf rennet powder.


Note: If you are purchasing multiple orders of these pre-packaged culture/mold/rennet packets, save money and click here to purchase the packets less the eBook. You'll save $5.00 of each set of additional packets.


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