Camembert and Blue Cheese Making Culture Mold Rennet Packets


About This Product

This product includes four packet-sets of cultures/molds and rennet**.  The inoculants are freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Innoculation which means no need to make a starter culture. The inoculants can be used directly on the milk surface. It is best to allow the dry rennet to dissolve in a small amount of clean water 10 minutes prior to placing into the milk.  Includes 2 packets of Cultures/Mold (one Blue Cheese, one Camembert Cheese) and 2 packets of Rennet.


Includes one Blue cheese packet along with one packet of Rennet:     Blue cheese: one packet will make two Blue cheeses using two gallons of milk. 
Includes one Camembert cheese packet along with one packet of Rennet:   Camembert cheese: one packet will make two Camembert cheeses using one gallon of milk.

These packets are premeasured and easy to use. If you make these cheeses often, you will save money pur\chasing/using the individual items in the packets listed above.  Or purchase the culture/mold/rennet/calcium chloride for these cheeses.  


**Mesophilic MM100 series or MA11 series,  Penicillium Candidum , Geotrichum Candidum, Penicillium Roqueforti(blue cheese) and Organic Dry Calf rennet powder.


Shipping included within the United States and Puerto Rico.  International shipping available.

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    I’ve purchased this before and will do so again. The results are very reliable.

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    Just want to say, everything that I have bought from this site have been great! It's so nice to be able to talk to Steve, regarding my cheese making endeavors. Thanks so much. Dona