Cheese & Garlic Grater Plate with Peeler & Brush

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Includes Peeler, Brush and Display Stand

About This Product

Garlic -Cheese  Grater Plate - made in USA; includes Garlic Peeler, Brush, and Display Stand


  • 100% MADE IN USA;  Kiln fired & glazed;  Hand Crafted
  • Easiest way to grate Garlic or Cheese
  • Plates hold up to high heat for Roasting Garlic as well
  • GREAT GIFT-  Gift Bag option available!

Grating cheese and garlic by in the traditional way can be a pain. A ceramic grater plate & brush changes the game a little. These glazed, charmingly designed plates have bumps in the center to rub garlic and cheese over.

Simply grate your garlic, cheese and sprinkle a little olive oil on top for a great bread dip. You and your guests can use the grater plate for the dipping tray. 

A garlic grater plate set takes the advantage over traditional graters because you do not lose essential oils from your food, not to mention, cleanup is quick and easy. There is no more reason to scrub away at a grater that does not come clean. In addition, you can worry less about cutting yourself. The grating points are sharp so that you do not have to use excessive force but also does not lead to as many accidents as the traditional method. It is easy to use and you can do more than grate cheese and garlic with it. In fact, you can grate lemon and ginger, cinnamon or even chocolate. You can even grate some harder cheeses with it!  

They come with a brush to clean or mix what you grate. Easy maintenance required with the plate, make sure not to drop or bang them on other kitchen utensils or appliance, as they can chip or break when dropped.    

Note: Color may vary slightly from batch to batch due to hand crafted process.


  • Orange Glaze
  • Bamboo Matte
  • Lemon Cream Glaze
  • Plum - Eggplant Glaze
  • Desert Sage Matte
  • Amber Glaze
  • Mix & Match: If you're buying more than one color, leave a note at in Order Comments at checkout with all the colors you want.


  • Ceramic grater plate is 4 1/2-inches in diameter;  as these are HAND MADE IN USA there can be slight variations from plate to plate
  • Silicone garlic peeler peels garlic in about 10 seconds
  • Brush included with set
  • Handwash only, not  dishwasher recommended as they can break if another item in your dishwasher bangs into your plate.


Choose Mix & Match, then leave a note at Order Comments with exactly the colors you want:


Caring and maintenance: like most pottery ceramics, take care not drop or bang into other kitchen items to protect them.  Hand wash only.






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