Cheese Press Follower Retrofit


About This Product

Cheese Press Follower Retrofit.   This Retrofit Kit is used along with our cheese press or a similar cheese press. 

This Retrofit Kit will allow you to secure the small or large follower to the center screw shaft(threaded rod), therefore eliminating any tilting of the follower during pressing.  Without this retrofit, the follower may tilt to one side, especially if the curds placed in the hoop(mould) are not evenly distributed or too much pressure is applied or the curds are too soft and not well drained prior to pressing. Use the drill bit to enlarge the small hole in the center of the follower.  To install this retrofit you will need to unscrew the nut at the end of the center screw shaft,  place the follower(with the smaller inset hole on the outside) onto the center screw, followed by the smaller washer and nut. Adjust the nut even with the washer as seen in the photos here and tighten both nuts. NOTE: you can use either the large or smaller washer on the outside(or bottom) of the threaded rod. The smaller washer will fit inside the smaller inset hole on the follower. Or use the larger washer(supplied) on the outside. 


Note: if you do not possess a hand drill, you can still enlarge the hole in the follower. Simply hold the drill bit with a plyers and with your other hand place the follower onto the bit, grasping it firmly while turning the follower on the bit end.  The follower material is soft enough and you can then enlarge the hole slightly. Once you start the new larger hole, lay the follower (with the smaller inset hole on the outside) down on a table. Pick up the black turn-knob, line up the end of the center screw with the slightly enlarged hole and screw the center screw onto the follower.  It will thread through the follower material easily.


Included in this Retrofit Kit:

Drill bit: 7/16 in.(10.4mm) drill bit.  
Large stainless steel washer: 1.5 inch OD, 13/32 inch ID.
Smaller stainless steel washer: 3/4 inch OD, 13/32 inch ID.

Not included are any followers, or other items pictured above. 

Shipping included within the USA. International shipping options available.