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Product Two Gallon Capacity Cheese Press/Stainless Steel HoopSix Gallon Capacity Cheese Press/Stainless Steel Hoop
Image Two Gallon Capacity Stainless Steel Cheese PressStainless Steel Cheese Press
Price $250.00 $199.97$265.00 $209.97
Brand thecheesemakerthecheesemaker
Availability N/AN/A
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Read Reviews
Summary 1. Spring loaded cheese press up to 2 gallon(7.5 liters) milk capacity.  Completely assembled. Locally made in Wisconsin-America's Dairyland.   Food-Grade Cheese Presses: Featur...Affordable, high-quality spring loaded cheese press with up to 6 gallon (22.5 liter) milk capacity. These stainless steel cheese presses are designed to be easy to use and fast to clean. The heavy-dut...
Other N/AShort Desciption:
Custom designed, high-quality stainless steel spring loaded cheese press can apply up to 100 pounds of pressure. Cheese press can be used to press up to 6 gallons of milk. The best cheese press on the market for making hard cheese at home.