Camembert or Brie Cheese Making Culture Mold Rennet Packets eBook

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About This Product

This product includes four packet-sets of cultures/molds and rennet**.  The inoculants are freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Inoculation which means no need to make a starter culture. The inoculants can be used directly on the milk surface. It is best to allow the dry rennet to dissolve in a small amount of clean water 10 minutes prior to placing into the milk.

Camembert cheese: one packet will make two Camembert cheeses using one gallon of milk.

Includes 2 Camembert cheese Culture/Mold packets and 2 Rennet Packets

Also Includes:  Camembert/Brie Cheese Making eBook emailed to you.  

These packets are premeasured and easy to use.  After purchase you will receive an email to download the eBook and other docs to start reading immediately. 


**Mesophilic MM100 series or MA11 series,  Penicillium Candidum , Geotrichum Candidum, and Organic Dry Calf rennet powder.


Note: If you are purchasing multiple orders of these pre-packaged culture/mold/rennet packets, save money and click here to purchase the packets less the eBook. You'll save $5.00 of each set of additional packets. 

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