Gruyere/Parma/Grana Type Cheeses Package

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About This Product

Thermophilic StarterTA60 Series (50 doses)
LH Series (50 doses
Liquid Rennet 4oz. (specify 100% Chymosin or Veal at checkout)
Calcium Chloride 1oz

The Thermophilic Starter TA60 series is a culture that can be used as a stand alone as well as adjunct with other cultures. It has medium-high acidity and works well in high heat. 

LH series are thermophilic type cultures. Its primary role in ripening is the breakdown of protein in the later stages of aging. This is important in the development of cheese body characteristics and the formation of flavor. 

Liquid rennet gives cheese balance and traditional characteristics. 

Calcium Chloride is used to increase curd yield and firmness. It prevents mineral shift from the cheese to the brine, which may cause mushy cheese and cloudy brine


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