Kefir-Dry Culture by Biena; 5 Packs per Box

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Make the smoothest, most delicious and healthy Kefir easily.

About This Product

Makes a Smooth,  Mild Tasting Kefir!  Dry Kefir Yogurt Culture by Biena (Canada-  Yogotherm)

Making this type of  Kefir using a Dry Kefir Culture is easier and takes less time compared to using Fresh Kefir Grains. Great alternative if you don't have the time or inclination to cultivate Kefir Grains.

The Dry Kefir Culture will make a very smooth Kefir product if you strain it for a few hours using one of our reusable  straining bags** (small bag for 1/2-1 gal. of milk or medium bag for 1-5 gallons of milk),

though it will be different than Kefir made using actual Kefir grains. The packet directions state to use the entire packet for 1-2L (1/2 gal.) of milk.


We’ve had great success using half the pack per 1/2 gallon of milk, and allow the culture to ferment at 90-110F(32-43c) for 12 hours. Then it will be ready to eat or strain to expel some of the whey to make a smooth Kefir!

Note from TheCheeseMaker: We followed the same recipe as our yogurt recipe and had great results after straining through our reusable small straining bag**. This expels some of the whey and really smooths out the Kefir which I found tasted more like a mild Yogurt.

 Kefir made from Kefir Grains tend to be a bit thicker and has a more complex flavor profile. 


**Cheese cloth has holes too large for proper straining of Yogurt and this Kefir product. Using a straining bag with very fine holes will allow the whey to expel without letting any of the product go down the drain.


Gluten and soy free. No preservatives, no color added. 100% natural ingredients. 

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