Medium Italian Soft & Hard Mould


About This Product

This mould is an excellent choice for using up to 3 1/2 (13.2 liters)gallons of milk.  Use it to make soft or hard cheeses like blue, feta or soft cheeses. It can be used to form other cheeses as well. Made of heavy-duty food grade Polypro, this mould will give you many years of use.  This mould does have a bottom.  If you need a follower, our Large Follower with center hole will fit.

Medium Italian Soft & Hard Mould


Mould Size: Inside diameter(width): 5 7/8in. (14.9 cm), inside height: 5 7/8 in. (14.9cm.).


Shipping included within the USA.  International shipping available.

What Our Customers Say

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    Mold Review

    Posted by Naor Wallach on 16th Jun 2020

    This mold held the results of a three gallon make with no problems. It was easy to handle and even with the cheese cloth inside, the cheese wheel easily slipped out after the first draining. It has lots of holes so the whey drained freely. The only reason I am not giving this mold a five-star rating is that I really wanted a follower to make the top of the wheel smooth and this does not come with one. Please fine a way to add that and this would be perfect!

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    Medium Italian mould

    Posted by Randy Canganelli on 20th Apr 2020

    Perfect size for my 2-4 gallon cheeses. The only thing that would make it better is if there were a follower available for it. Note from Steve/thecheesemaker: I too wish followers were available with many of the Italian and French designed moulds and baskets. Some of these items are made for gravity pressed curds, thus why followers are not always available from the manufacturer.

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    Perfect size...

    Posted by Tim on 13th Apr 2018

    I would give this 5 stars if it came with a follower. I bought a larger one and cut it down to fit. The mold is the perfect size for 8-10 quart cheeses and gets that "wider than taller" look for the wheel that I really like. Unless I'm making a 4 quart or 16 quart cheese - this is my mold of choice! Note from Steve/thecheesemaker: I also wish there were followers to fit all the moulds that are available for us to offer, yet the French and Italian mould/hoop mfg's don't offer followers for every mould or hoop. Constructing one to match your mould was a great idea. Cutting a round piece of wood or plastic will work also.

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    No Follower

    Posted by Harry on 27th Apr 2017

    Needs to come with a follower. Note from Steve/thecheesemaker: This mould comes from Italy without a follower, but we're going to find a similar mould that will include a follower to help you make cheeses that need to be pressed.