Mozzarella & Ricotta Ingredient Package

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About This Product

MesophilicStarter MM Series (125 doses)
Thermophilic Type B
(10 grams )

Mild Lipase Powder
(2 oz. )
Liquid Rennet 4oz. (specify 100% Chymosin or Veggi at checkout)

Calcium Chloride
Citric Acid 2oz
Mozzarella & Ricotta Recipes

Mesophilic MM Starter Series are a blend of cultures that feature well-controlled acidity and buttery notes, a good amount of gas production to develop small eyes (holes), and open the texture slightly. It is usefull for many soft fresh cheeses. 

Thermophilic type B are culture strains that are perfect for Italian cheeses, especially Mozzarella. These strains can handle higher temperatures. 

Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down fats into free fatty acids that are capable of binding with other elements to form flavor and aroma compounds. The process, lipolysis, is important in cheese making. Lipase is added to increase/accelerate this activity, to enhance flavor and aroma.

Liquid rennet gives cheese balance and traditional characteristics. 

Calcium Chloride is used to increase curd yield and firmness. It prevents mineral shift from the cheese to the brine, which may cause mushy cheese and cloudy brine. Calcium chloride should not be used in Mozzarella, as it will prevent it from streching; it is good for Ricotta. 

Citric acid helps coagulating curds, and is perfect when making mozzarella, ricotta, and other fresh cheeses. 

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