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Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

You're a cheese lover. You may also love eating and cooking with mushrooms. One particular mushroom, excellent in dishes with cheese is called Chicken of the Woods. When picked fresh, it is very tender and oozes yellowish liquid. It actually smells like chicken. Also known as Sulphur Shelf, due to its bright orange-reddish color. Laetiporus sulphureus is the scientific name of... [read more]


Preparing the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom with Camembert or Brie


The Evolution of a Stilton Style Blue Cheese

The following photos will chronicle how differently all of our cheeses will age. Since each cheese is being aged in a separate house in a cheese cave with different climates, we will learn how the different climates affect the final taste and texture of each cheese. [read more]


The Evolution of a Irish Whiskey Cheddar Cheese

Using the recipe from Mary Karlin's book Artisan Cheese Making at Home, this cheese was made with MA4001-4002 series thermophilic culture, Annatto seed extract for orange color and cheap Irish whiskey. [read more]


Wisconsin Cheeseheads Whey in on North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un's Alleged Addiction to Cheese


Our Weekend Cheese Making Workshops featured in USA Today Travel.

Four of our photos are featured.  After clicking on the above link, scroll right to about the 44th photo where the workshop and after-party is featured.


10 Most Inspiring Courses in the World

Our workshops gained the attention of CNN.