Limburger/Red Smear Cheese Package


About This Product

Mesophilic Starter MA 4000 Series (25 doses)
B Linens SR3 2dose 
Liquid Rennet 4oz. (specify 100% Chymosinl or Veggi at checkout)
Calcium Chloride 1oz


Mesophilic Starter MA 4000 Series: these culture strains have a clean flavor and texture. It's an excellent starter for soft-stabilized, bnrined, semi-soft and firm cheeses. It can easily be blended with other adjuncts to formulate an instant specialty culture. 

B Linens yeasts create the red color seen on cheeses such as brick, munster, and limburger. It can also be used to add color to some styles of bloomy rind cheeses. SR3 is less aromatic than other B linen strains. 

Liquid rennet gives cheese balance and traditional characteristics. 

Calcium Chloride is used to increase curd yield and firmness. It prevents mineral shift from the cheese to the brine, which may cause mushy cheese and cloudy brine.

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