Soft & Hard Cheese Mould (stackable)

Up to 4 Gallons Milk; Excellent Versatile Mould; can stack to press if desired.

About This Product

This mould is an excellent choice for using up to 4  gallons (15 liters) of milk.  Use it to make soft or hard cheeses like blue, feta or soft cheeses.

It can be used to form other cheeses as well. Made of heavy-duty food grade Polypro, this mould will give you many years of use.  This mould does have a bottom. 


These moulds are designed to use individually or stack them to make multiple cheeses. Then, place weight on the top mould to apply pressure. When stacked fully, there is a 4 in.(10cm) height from the bottom to where the top stacked mould fits into the bottom stacked mould.

Thus the minimim height any cheese can be is 4 in.(10cm) and as high as 7 in.(17.7cm). 
Height 8 in.(20.3cm),
Inside diameter 7 in. (17.7cm).


Shipping included within the continental USA.