The BEST Soft Cheese Knife

This special Cheese Knife is the best for cutting soft and semi-soft cheeses and other food items with no sticky mess left on the knife. You'll love using it , as I do.

About This Product

This special Cheese Knife is made of a revolutionary new material and design that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife. Originally designed as a soft-cheese knife, the technology also works with butter, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically sticks or leaves a residue on ordinary blades. Heat resistant to 430° F, dishwasher safe, stain resistant, FDA approved. DO NOT USE TO CUT HARD DRY CHEESES.

Choose from two convenient sizes and three colors.

small-blade length 3.75 in.(9.25 cm) - available in orange, black, red.
large-blade length 7.25 in.(18.4 cm) - available in orange, black, red.

No more sticking cheese on your knife. Use only on soft cheeses. 

Shipping included within the USA.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    It really cuts the cheese!

    Posted by Gigi on 12th Jun 2019

    No more crumbling globs. Softer cheeses do not stick to it. It's the best cheese knife ever!

  • 5
    Excellant Cheese Cutter

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2019

    This cheese cutter is the best! It makes cutting cheese extra easy and fun! These also make good gifts!

  • 5

    Posted by Suzanne McDonald on 23rd Apr 2019

    The cheese cutter allows me to slice thick or very thin slices. I had one which I bought at a kitchen store a number of years ago. Now I needed one for a 2nd home and I ordered another for a gift.

  • 5
    Best cheese knife I have found

    Posted by Joan Stok on 14th Apr 2019

    I was so happy to find your cheese knife. I bought one at a store a few years ago, it was not one of yours, and it broke. I was completely lost without it so very happy that I found your website and was able to order another one. I love it.

  • 5
    Best soft cheese knife

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2017

    We like pepper jack cheese and this is the best knife for cutting it! I had one for a couple of years but when a friend borrowed it, it came back with notches is the blade-I have no idea how that happened. Regardless, I couldn't be without it and ordered another one.

  • 4
    Best cheese knife I have used.

    Posted by Bill Coutts on 18th Jan 2014

    I bought my knife in the winter of 2011/2012. It has been the best knife that I have ever used to cut cheese. It slices through cheese like a hot knife through soft butter.

  • 5
    WOW! Best cheese knife I have ever used. Seriously.

    Posted by Eric on 24th Dec 2012

    I have been dabbling in cheesemaking, and eating cheeses from all over the world. This knife came in a cheesemaking kit that I ordered from, and I put it in the drawer thinking it was a gimic...until I actually used it for the first time! WOW! Does exactly what it says. I've used it for Cheddar, Mozzarella, colbyjack, edam, etc. etc. Gets you slices of cheese, and does NOT make a mess. So good that my Mother In Law wants one, too!