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Puerto Rican cheese making company rebuilds after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma causes catastrophic damage in Puerto Rico-THE worse storm to ever hit the island.

Cows Suffered Irma
Many dairy cows were killed in the hurricane.


Dumping MilkIrma
For a long time, milk had to be dumped until electricity was back online.  Houses in the town of Hatillo were severely damaged.

Hurricane Irma may have damaged the infrastructure of Puerto Rico,
yet the spirit of our cheese making friends there has not been diminished.

Wanda Otero, owner of Vaca Negra, an awarding winning creamery located in Hatillo, PR,
suffered greatly, along with all the fine people of Puerto Rico.

I first met Wanda along with her friend and former partner Rosa Avalo in 2009 when they both attended my first weekend workshop in the dead of winter. Their bright and lively attitudes toward cheese and life was exciting. Rosa went on to teach cheese making in Old San Juan at her house which was partially destroyed in the Hurricane. She is rebuilding and will soon be offering her fabulous workshops again. Wanda continues her cheese making business and help provide safe milk on the island as she is a state milk inspector. The hurricane destroyed some dairies and without electricity milk had to be thrown out. Currently the island has electricity and other services back online in many parts of the country, yet it will take many months, if not years to completely rebuild. While Puerto Rico was without electricity, Wanda used generators to maintain her business needs and maintain the high quality of her cheeses & yogurt. I've sampled her cheeses and they are as good as some of the finest. Each of her cheeses has a different personality, some more nutty than others, some creamy, some wonderfully flaky with great texture.

Wanda Teaching Wanda's Fine Cheeses

Wanda's company Vaca Negra make award winning cheeses as well as yogurt.
You can help Wanda rebuild her business by enjoying her cheeses.
Hard cheeses ship well and she offers a flat rate shipping fee to the USA mainland.

Purchase them online today at her website**: https://vacanegra.com/
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Wanda's Fine CheesesWanda's Fine Cheeses