Steramine 1-G Tablets

Steramine 1-G Tablets

About This Product

Steramine 1-G Tablets is a Multi-Purpose Sanitizer for sanitizing food contact surfaces: 150 tablets per bottle:  Each tablet to be used with one gallon of water.  Cut the tablet in half for using with 1/2 gallon.

Steramine tablets can be used to sanitizer your cheese making utensils, counters. Non corrosive, will not harm counters. Safe to use without gloves. No need to rinse after application. One minute contact time needed. Allow for adequate draining and air drying. Odor free. Dissolve 1-2 tablets per gallon(3.78 liters) of water. This solution will hold its strength the entire day. Refer to Spec Sheet for more usage information.

NOTE: Star San is NOT an affect sanitizer for COVID-19. Please refer to the EPA's website for a complete list of products that meet EPA's criteria for use against COVID-19.

EPA REG. No. 1561-11  EPA EST. No. 1561-VA-1

Spec sheet and usage instructions

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