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  • Naturally Creamy Raw Honey
  • Extracting Honey
  • All Natural Raw Honey
  • All Natural Raw Honey
  • Honey Tasting at Larry's Market Brown Deer WI
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  • Beekeeper intern Amy checks in on the hives.
  • Amy checking honey production in the hiver.
  • Replacing cover on hive.
  • Bees gather pollen from Ash trees in the spring.
  • Bees gather pollen from Ash trees in the spring.

Steve's Bees-Naturally Creamy Raw Honey-Gift Boxed

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Product Description

Something Special From Wisconsin


This special holiday gift includes 8oz.(12oz weight) of Steve's Bees Honey in a handsome reusable glass jar with bamboo tasting spoon, gift boxed with ribbon to give to the person in your life who loves such fine delicacies like all natural raw Honey.  

Raw honey will usually crystallize into a course consistency. Yet sometimes one will be awarded with a small amount of incredibly creamy honey, naturally.  This is not the same as artificially whipping the honey to make it creamy. Every bee hive produces honey with slightly different amounts of pollen and has different properties, getting naturally produced creamed honey is a true gift. This year we have a very limited supply of this naturally creamy honey. Spread it on toast or a cracker to enjoy its full rich creamy texture and floral flavor.

Enjoying all natural, locally produced raw honey is like nothing else. Our honey comes from free ranging bees that gather nectar and pollen from a multitude of flowers in our local area. Enjoy the delicate floral bouquet, something not found in most honeys.

Much of the honey sold in the USA comes from China & other countries (where the bees only eat sugar water and not local floral/China is the world's largest exporter). Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina and other countries export their honey to the US which is sometimes blended with local honey. Some of these honey products have little nutritional benefits, other than their calories. Since honey is difficult to regulate, one never knows exactly what one is getting. Taste is everything. Our honey is complex and you know it's better for you. Steve's Bees Honey is never heated and only strained, leaving the goodness within. No chemicals are used to produce our honey and no sugar or additives are added to our pure all natural raw honey. Steve Shapson and his wife, MJ lovingly care for their bees. Their local honey is a light and mild all natural raw honey beckoning a delicate floral bouquet from the local wild flowers in their native southeast Wisconsin locale. Honey bees are the workhorses of the insect world, pollinating many thousands of flowers to produce their honey. Maintaining bee hives keep the natural plant world thriving. Enjoy some today.


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