Ten Deluxe Cultured Butter Buttermilk Making Kits

Make your own homemade culture butter.

About This Product

Deluxe Cultured Butter/Buttermilk Making Kit Butter Press Butter Stamp-5 Units Wholesale

Minimum order 5 Kits-Wholesale Only. $350/$70

Cultured butter is THE BEST. Fresh, creamy, delicious. Higher quality and better tasting than any store bought product. You can easily make it with or withour salt. Besides this Kit, all you will need is a way to whisk or mix heavy cream. Add a tiny bit of the culture to heavy cream, wait 20-24 hours and make homemade butter in less than 10 minutes. Plus, you will also have buttermilk as a byproduct of making butter. Use a little buttermilk to make more. Everything needed to make many many batches of delicious creamy butter and buttermilk.

Made from Wisconsin maple**(hardwood), this butter press will easily form your one pound of homemade butter into a perfect block. Stainless steel screws are used along with heavy-duty construction. Made by local wood craftsman.  Will last a lifetime. Includes complete instructions.

  • Sturdy construction to last and last.
  • Stainless steel screws(only on the Maple/Maple model.  Walnut and Cherry presses have no screws.
  • Tapered plunger block.
  • Sturdy Oak plunger handle.
  • Mineral oil included.
  • All edges rounded, sanded smooth.

 **Maple, walnut and cherry are woods which are safe to use with foods. Oak plunger.

stamps-cheesemaker-stamps.pngButter Press

1 3/4 inch(4.45cm) diameter

Our Deluxe Butter Kit include the following.

  • Mesophile Aroma Type B
  • Butter Press
  • Butter Stamp
  • 2 square yards Reusable Cheesecloth Grade 90 (for draining whey)
  • Small Measuring Spoons
  • Large Pocket Dial Thermometer
  • Cultured butter recipe
  • Cultured buttermilk recipe

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