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  • Tomme Cheese Mould(s) (includes lid to help press curds)
  • Tomme Cheese Mould(s) (includes lid to help press curds)
  • Tomme Cheese Mould(s) (includes lid to help press curds)
  • Tomme Cheese Mould(s) (includes lid to help press curds)

Tomme Cheese Moulds

Short Description:
The Tomme moulds comes in three different sizes and can be used with approximately 1 to 6 gallons of milk. Each mould comes with a lid to help press the curd. These moulds are great for DIY cheesemakers.

Product Description

Tomme style cheese is a round, nutty tasting cheese, generally made on the same farm that you source the milk. Tomme cheeses require a mesophilic culture and a tomme cheese mould to form it. Tomme is not a difficult cheese to make, or an expensive one. A semi-soft cheese ranges in flavor and texture depending on the type of milk that you use with it. This is why there is so much variation! If you want a true tomme cheese, you are not only going to have one flavor and one texture, you can experience many! 

With tomme cheese, you heat the milk to a lower temperature than most and press the curds into wheel shaped molds. This is where the tomme cheese mold comes into play. Ours even comes with a lid so that you can press down the curds easily. Not only does it work with to mold tomme cheese but you can use it to mold cheese of any type. Good cheese does not come from luck; it is the ingredients and the cheese mold itself that does it. 

  • Comes with a lid to press curds
  • Can use this mold interchangeably with other cheese presses for more pressure
  • Comes in three sizes for your convenience
  • Perfect for tomme cheeses, but can also make bleus and hard cheeses
  • Uses up to seven gallons of milk
  • Small dimensions: inside height 2 3/8in.(6cm), inside diameter 5 5/16in. (13.4cm).
  • Large dimensions: inside height 3 11/16in.(9.3cm), Inside diameter 7 3/8in. (18.7cm)
  • Extra-large dimensions: inside height 6in.(15.2cm), inside diameter 7 7/8in.(20cm)

Now whether you say mold mould, it doesn’t matter, we ship our cheese moulds at home and abroad. Of course, no mould would be complete without a recipe or two to go along with it. After all, not everyone knows the precise cheese making ingredients that they are going to need. We can help you with all of your ingredient and cheese making needs.

Each size of the Tomme mould comes with a lid to help press the curds. These moulds can be used with one of our cheese presses to apply more pressure on the curd.

Three convenience sizes:

small: inside height 2 3/8in.(6cm), inside diameter 5 5/16in. (13.4cm). Can be used with 1-2 gallons (3.78-7.5 liters) of milk. 
large: inside height 3 11/16in.(9.3cm), Inside diameter 7 3/8in. (18.7cm). Can be used with 2-4 gallons (7.5-15 liters) of milk.  
extra-large: inside height 6in.(15.2cm), inside diameter 7 7/8in.(20cm). Can be used with 3-7 gallons (11-26.4 liters) of milk. 

Use cheese cloth (50 or 60 grade) to dress your cheese in these moulds.  Or use our Muslin Socks to dress/bandage your hard cheeses, 

FYI: Using the larger moulds does not mean you have to use more milk/curds, you can make cheeses with less height using the Extra-Large Tomme Mould.  

Shipping included within the Continental USA. International shipping available. 

Product Reviews

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  1. Thank you!

    Posted by Christopher on 30th May 2019

    I just want to say how much I'm enjoying your products, your business sense, and your passion.
    Amazing customer service, and always a personal note with each order. I will continue to use your
    great company! I've JUST started making cheese, and am enjoying it immensely. I've made a Farmhouse
    Cheddar Blue, and a Craggy Buttermilk Blue. So far, so good!

  2. Best Mold

    Posted by Jeff Harless on 12th Apr 2019

    Didn't think I would be using this mold except for very few cheeses. Turns out it seems every other cheese I make I use this mold. Love it. Very well built. Thinking about ordering another.

  3. Worked as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2018

    I purchases the small medium and large they worked terrific.

  4. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2017

    Worked as designed

  5. Just what I needed.

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2017

    used this yesterday to mKemy first hard cheese (Gouda). It did its job well. No complaints.

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