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  • Yogurt Culture YF-L812 500U

Yogurt Culture YF-L812 500U

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Product Description

This is a one time offer due to an error in purchasing. We were shipped 20 packets of the 500U size instead of the 50U size.  This item is perfect for the commercial yogurt maker who produces yogurt on a consistent basis. 
CHR Hansen Batch No. 3348942 Date MFG: 06/17,  Best By Date(BBD) 06/19.  Kosher: Circle K Dairy. Product sealed in original box, stored in freezer.
500 dose packet can be used with up to 700 gal. (250 liters) milk. Or you can use a partial amount of the culture for less milk.  Use an appropriate amount for the milk batch size you're using. This culture will produce yogurt with very mild flavor, extra high viscosity and very low post-acidification. Suitable for cup set, stirred and drinking yogurt.
  • Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus
  • Streptococcus thermophilus
Directions for Use:
Remove culture from the freezer just prior to use. Sanitize the top of the pouch with chlorine. Open the pouch and pour the freeze-dried granules directly into the pasteurized product using slow agitation. Agitate the mixture for 10-15 minutes to distribute the culture evenly. The recommended incubation temperature is 35-45°C (95-113°F).
Usage rate:  1/16-1/8th tsp. (.3-.6ml) for 1-2 gal. 3.78(l) of milk. Using a dry sanitized small spoon, remove the culture and distribute onto the warmed milk to inoculate at (95-113°F) 35-45°C. Or follow the recipe here or in recipes.  Do not allow the culture to come into contact with water, humidity. Fold the foil packet up to help seal it and store in two plastic Zip Lock or similar brand plastic bags in the freezer. To re-culture and make more yogurt, use a ratio of 10-1 (milk to yogurt) to make additional yogurt batches.   
Shipping included within the USA.  International shipping available. 

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