Preparing and Cooking the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

See below the best way to prepare and cook Chicken of the Woods Mushroom.  Not only is this a amazingly beautiful fungi found in nature, but it is absolutely delicious.  This mushroom serves as a wonderful vegan alternative to chicken or meat, and can be paired with a delicious pasta and cheese dish, or even made to be completely vegan with a homemade vegan cheese dish!  Explore the various ways you can enjoy Chicken of the Woods Mushroom and make sure to let us know how it turned out!  In the images below, you'll see Steve, the CheeseMaker himself, preparing and cooking this incredibly tasty dish.

cooking-chicken1.jpg cooking-chicken2.jpg
Slice off any tough parts near the base. Brush off any dirt or debris.
cooking-chicken3.jpg cooking-chicken4.jpg
Peel back sections and watch the beetles scatter. Slice it up.
cooking-chicken5.jpg cooking-chicken6.jpg
Mushroom is sliced and ready to cook. Use fresh lemon Thyme or any other herb.
cooking-chicken7.jpg cooking-chicken8.jpg
Throw in a little butter & olive oil and saute until tender. Add a little cream.
cooking-chicken10.jpg cooking-chicken9.jpg
Add a little low salt chicken stock. Cut a small wedge of homemade Camembert cheese.
cooking-chicken11.jpg cooking-chicken12.jpg
Add the Camembert cheese to the pan. Gently stir in the cheese.
cooking-chicken13.jpg cooking-chicken14.jpg
Cover and reduce heat to low-med. Cook your pasta al dente.
cooking-chicken15.jpg cooking-chicken16.jpg
Add some lemon Thyme or any herb you like. Toss in pasta when ready.
cooking-chicken17.jpg cooking-chicken18.jpg
Add a bit more lemon Thyme or any herb you like. Enjoy.