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Preparing and cooking the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

cooking-chicken1.jpg cooking-chicken2.jpg
Slice off any tough parts near the base. Brush off any dirt or debris.
cooking-chicken3.jpg cooking-chicken4.jpg
Peel back sections and watch the beetles scatter. Slice it up.
cooking-chicken5.jpg cooking-chicken6.jpg
Mushroom is sliced and ready to cook. Use fresh lemon Thyme or any other herb.
cooking-chicken7.jpg cooking-chicken8.jpg
Throw in a little butter & olive oil and saute until tender. Add a little cream.
cooking-chicken10.jpg cooking-chicken9.jpg
Add a little low salt chicken stock. Cut a small wedge of homemade Camembert cheese.
cooking-chicken11.jpg cooking-chicken12.jpg
Add the Camembert cheese to the pan. Gently stir in the cheese.
cooking-chicken13.jpg cooking-chicken14.jpg
Cover and reduce heat to low-med. Cook your pasta al dente.
cooking-chicken15.jpg cooking-chicken16.jpg
Add some lemon Thyme or any herb you like. Toss in pasta when ready.
cooking-chicken17.jpg cooking-chicken18.jpg
Add a bit more lemon Thyme or any herb you like. Enjoy.