Penicillium Candidum

Penicillium candidum mold is a must-have on your shopping list. This particular ingredient is used to produce the white mold around bloomy-rind cheeses, aiding in the ripening process and adding a variety of subtle flavors. Neige is a strain that provides rapid growth and curd breakdown, while also supporting a slow maturation time.  We offer several options which provide mild nuances in terms of flavor and texture of the rind.


Most recipes will call for using a Mesophilic Starter, as well as both Penicillium Candidum and  Geotrichum Candidum for bloomy rind cheeses

such as Camembert / Brie cheeses.


VEGAN Strains available for those working with Cashews or Nut Milk.  (Use VELV-TOP, or HP 6)