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An Introduction to Making Soft Cheese at Home

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You can make soft cheese at home and use it create your own specialty meals, and all it takes is a few steps. Here is a basic soft cheese recipe, and you can also use a soft cheese making kit.


Keep your kitchen at or near 72 degrees. Yeast thrives in warm, humid environments and gives your cheese an unpleasant taste. Also remember to clean and sanitize your homemade cheese supplies to prevent foodborne illness.

Warm Up The Milk

Heat 1 gallon of milk over a double boiler or a water bath. These are an indirect heating methods that prevent the milk from burning, but if you have to use direct heat, warm the milk gradually over low heat. Watch it and keep stirring it so it does not burn. This is the most important step when learning how to make soft cheese.

Mix The Rennet and Culture Into The Milk

The way you add the culture depends on what you type you are using. 

  • If you are using citric acid, do not stir it in. Instead, pour it through a stainless steel slotted spoon and slowly move the spoon up and down in the milk to blend it in.
  • To mix in rennet, dissolve it in water and incorporate it into the milk like the citric acid.
  • For a powder culture, lightly scatter it over the top of the milk. Let it sit for a short time, then stir.

Strain The Mixture and Add Salt

Place the cheesecloth over a colander, and then put the colander in a big bowl. Gently pour the mixture on top of the cheesecloth and into the colander. Next, pull the corners of the cheesecloth together and tie them in a knot. You will have a bag. Hang the bag over the bowl.

Cover and Refrigerate

Place plastic wrap tightly over the bowl and then refrigerate the cheese. If it stays covered in the fridge, it should last between 1 and 2 weeks. It is recommended that you taste it daily and add salt if needed.

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