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Rennets are essential to the cheesemaking process for several kinds of cheese. Read on for important information on rennet, and shop The CheeseMaker for cheesemaking supplies today.

Important Note: Rennets vary in their strength (ability to coagulate milk). Their ability to coagulate milk varies with the type of milk being used. To insure your milk coagulates property and in a timely manner, we suggest using calcium chloride, especially if you are using homogenized and/or pasteurized milk. Calcium chloride will also insure you attain a clean break, proper coagulation, and more yield. Mix the correct amount of rennet in a small amount of clean water before adding to the milk. Tablet and powder rennet can be mixed with a little clean water before adding to the milk. Dilute liquid rennet in a small amount of clean cool water. Store liquid rennet in refrigerator. Store powder and tablet rennet in the freezer. Store liquid rennet in the refrigerator. When adding any rennet to the milk, draw the rennet across your milk in one slow pour, and make 2-3 slow strokes to mix. DO NOT STIR. 

Kosher Certifications:  Rennets bearing Kosher certification are: CHY-MAX® M Liquid Rennet,  Chymosin (ChyMax Extra) Liquid Rennet,  Organic Vegetarian Liquid Rennet (Marzyme Liquid), and Vegetarian Liquid Rennet(Microbial Coagulant)(Marzyme Liquid). We repackage directly from the Kosher Certified container into smaller bottles, using strict procedures and a food grade sanitizer so there is no cross contamination. Note: our one gallon containers of rennet are sealed and certified/labeled by Circle K. Smaller amounts do not note the certification. Our one liter size of CHY-MAX® M Liquid Rennet is labeled Circle K Kosher.  Click here for wholesale pricing.

If you're purchasing the Kosher Certified Sealed liter of ChyMax M Rennet, we also offer 1oz and 4oz empty fill bottles so you can repackage yourself. Click here to see these FDA approved bottles. 

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