Walcoren-Dry Veal Calf Rennet Tablets 80 tablet bottle

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These rennet tablets are great for easy use when making your cheeses. Organic, Gluten and GMO free.

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Cheesemaking is a precise art that at times calls for experimentation (how do you think someone came up with blue cheese?) and at other times calls for the precise use of specific cheese making supplies. One such specific ingredient is rennet, an enzyme that helps to solidify milk in order to create delicious, mouth-watering cheeses. Available in either a liquid or tablet form, getting the right rennet for your cheese recipe is an important part of the cheesemaking process. The Walcoren rennet tablets are excellent for all types of cheese.

NEW PACKAGING Includes one bottle of 80 tablets: Excellent rennet for all types of cheeses. This rennet can be used to set milk to make any type of cheese. Each tablet will set 4 liters (1 gallon) of milk.  Usually a lactic starter culture is used or some form of acid to acidify the milk prior to adding the rennet. The rennet can be added to the milk approximately an hour after adding a starter culture at 86-90f. Some milks, especially some raw milk may already have lactic bacteria in the milk and thus the rennet can sometimes be added to the milk without first adding a lactic bacteria starter culture. Directions: dissolve in a small amount of clean cool water, wait 5-10 minutes then pour across the milk surface, stirring for 3-4 gentle strokes. Contains 97% Chymosin & 3% Pepsin(enzymes), and salt. Organic and GMO Free.

The Walcoren-Dry Calf Rennet Tablets come in a bottle of 80 tablets. Whether you’re craving a Camembert or a strong aged cheddar, these rennet tables are must-haves when it comes to choosing your cheese ingredients. To use these rennet tablets, dissolve a little at a time in pure, cool water. Let the tablets dissolve for about 5 to 10 minutes before pouring the mixture over the milk surface. Give it a few gentles stirs (3 or 4 will do just fine) and let the cheesemaking continue.

Although an animal-based rennet, these tablets are certified by Ecocert Canada as organic and are also non-GMO. The Walcoren-Dry Calf Rennet Tablets gets great results every time – just check out the reviews from past and current users. The CheeseMaker is determined to provide top quality products for at-home and artisan cheesemakers.

  • Ingredients: Chymosin (97%), Pepsin enzymes (3%) and salt
  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
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  • International shipping available

Special Note from our rennet supplier:  'We extract the enzyme from calf, kid and lamb stomachs(rennet) in order to process liquid, paste, powder and powder tablet rennet for cheesemaking, in the standard technique since 1872 in France. We are aware of well-fair for animals and our commitment is to verify the killing procedures from our slaughterhouse suppliers. Please find attached our WalcoRen quality statement, the Ecocert Canada product evaluation for organic food.' 

Organic Certificate

Gluten Free

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What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    Veal Rennet Tablets

    Posted by Rwe on 14th Jun 2023

    Warm farm fresh milk to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, add 1 tsp calcium chloride solution, stir in 1/4 tsp Mesophillic starter, ripen warm for 45 minutes, then add Veal Rennet makes solids

  • 5
    Great product. Will buy again

    Posted by Shannon Harrington on 12th Nov 2021

    It does what rennet is supposed to do. And seems to set a better curd than veg based rennet's.

  • 5

    Posted by Graham Keele on 4th Nov 2021

    Arrived safely 4 weeks from USA to Tasmania with covid delays very happy.

  • 5

    Posted by Kathleen Vieira on 18th Oct 2021


  • 5
    Natural Rennet Tablets

    Posted by Nanette Maree Brinton on 7th Apr 2021

    I have always used large rennet tablets so when I saw these I was concerned. But they worked great!! I use them to make homemade ice cream

  • 5
    Walcoren dry rennet

    Posted by Leonardo Camero on 17th Feb 2021

    Excellent product. Easy to dissolve as tablets. Fast acting and cheap price.

  • 5
    Very reliable

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2019

    These rennet tablets seem to work well consistently. They keep for a long time (over a year) in the fridge.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2019

    It works perfect

  • 5
    This Rennet Gives the Most Consistent Results

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2018

    I was trained by a traditional French cheesemaker who used calf rennet tablets to set the curd. During a few periods during my 25 years of cheesemaking I tried microbial rennet- both in liquid and tablet form. The results were not as consistent as with calf rennet which gave a firm curd and ultimately a better tasting cheese, closer to the French original. Very grateful to Steve at THECHEESEMAKER for making the calf rennet tablets available. There were times when they were difficult to obtain.

  • 5
    Love the product

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2017

    Loved the dry calf rennet tabelts. I have been able to recreate the cheese my mom made for me as a kid. I will definitely be purchasing move of this product.

  • 4
    Great service

    Posted by Leanne Guy on 22nd Jun 2017

    So easy to order, can't believe how quickly it was delivered to me in Australia

  • 4
    Great product

    Posted by Erica on 23rd Apr 2017

    Easy dosage and splitting of tablets. Haven't used other rennet's, so cannot compare them, but it appears to work very well.