Cheese Moulds

At The CheeseMaker, our cheese making supplies are of a high quality so you can make delicious artisan cheese at home. For the new cheesemaker, we offer a variety of cheese making kits, including mozzarella kits, blue cheese kits, cheddar kits, chevre kits, and more. However, if you already have the other cheese making supplies, you may be interested in our different cheese moulds. Whether you are making brie, ricotta, or a hard cheese, we have the cheese moulds you need to create your very own cheese at home. Our cheese moulds come in two different materials, each that have their own purpose.

Stainless Steel - Custom designed to make Camembert and other cheeses. Reinforced rim prevents deformation of mould during use.

Polypropylene - Our food-grade polypropylene cheese moulds are imported from France and Italy. These plastic cheese moulds have been selected for their practical utility and popularity. Made in either France, Italy or Holland.

Whatever cheese you choose to make at home, choose a cheese mould that meets your needs from our wide selection here at The Cheese Maker!

Prices include shipping within USA.