Italian Basket Mould Medium Size 2 Gallon 4.7"D x 5"H

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Italian basket mould - this basket moulds is great for soft cheeses, blues and camemberts

About This Product


Medium Italian Basket Moulds

Italian basket mould, or cylindrical weaved baskets are suitable for  blue cheese, feta, fresh cheese. 
Beautiful 'woven' bottom provides for an attractive pattern on your cheese!


Dimensions: inside diameter: 4.7 inches (12 cm), height: 5.1 inches (13 cm).   

Will hold approx 1.75 lbs of curds  (800 grams) - use with 2 Gallons Milk



Make your own blue cheese, fetta or other fresh cheeses at home.


ALSO AVAILABLE in a LARGE 20 Gallon Size: click here


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