Butter Presses

Butter Presses

Along with the cheese press, we find that butter press is also of utmost importance. A butter press is a tool that enhances the presentation of butter to set out on a table at a gathering. An old primitive butter press mold was hand-carved with a design etched into the flat bottom. To use the press, the butter maker held the handle on top and pushed the flat bottom with the design into the butter. The result was a block of butter with a personalized design etched into the surface. Today, some butter presses no longer have a design on the bottom, but they serve the purpose of shaping homemade butter into a perfect block.


Customers may be most interested in purchasing a homemade butter press, crafted with skill and precision. Imagine a butter press made with handpicked Wisconsin maple, walnut, or cherry wood. Many customers appreciate that these butter presses of the highest quality level do not use nails or screws, but rather are completely crafted from chunks of real wood.


Butter press molds today might come in sets. These packages could include items helpful to making butter, to bettering presentation, or to taking the process a step further. For example, an item that contributes to the butter making process is oil. Gift sets might include a high quality mineral oil to accompany the crafted butter press. To better presentation, packages could include a designed gift box to protect the press and look great on the table. Lastly, sets often contain instructions for making butter and using the butter press. They might also include a kit to move beyond butter and attempt to produce homemade buttermilk. 

Maple and Walnut

Made form handpicked Wisconsin maple, walnut, and cherry, our presses boast the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. They will easily form your one pound of homemade butter into a perfect block with little effort. These products boast high quality joint-work along with other aspects of workmanship. No nails or screws are used. Our butter presses  are made exclusively for our customers so you can be sure there are no others like them. These presses are so well crafted; they will last a lifetime.  Each press Includes complete instructions and a small bottle of the finest food grade mineral oil. Click here for wholesale pricing. 

**Maple, walnut and cherry are woods which are safe to use with foods. Oak plunger.

For people who make their own butter, butter molds made with joint work and craftmanship could be great investments. When purchasing a press, consider the quality of the materials as well as the artisan who made the butter press. Also determine what sorts of sets or packages may be available for added presentation and creations. Various options may be available to meet people’s needs. In addition to the butter press, you can check out our cheese making supplies.  

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Beautifully crafted Butter Presses. We offer a Deluxe Butter Kit with an Press option.

Use Flora Danica or Mesophile Aroma Type B culture to make cultured butter and many other delicious items.