For more information on cultures, read about how to choose and maintain your cultures!

Vegan friendly cultures that contain either sucrose or maltodextrins as the bacteria carrier: MM100-101, MA11-14-16-19, MA4001-2, MD88-89, RA21-22-24, LM57.

Important Note: When using any of the cheese making ingredients listed on this page, you should use the amount specified on the packaging, not in the recipe you may be using. Cultures, molds, rennet, and additives vary in concentration per manufacturer. 

Best By Date: This date is required by the FDA, yet does not mean the product is not viable after the best by date.  It is still viable for at least another year or more if kept properly stored.

Kosher Certifications: Kosher certifications from the manufacturer can be viewed under each product listing. 

Repackaged Kosher Certfication: Click here for certification.

Click here to see Danisco's Inoculants Wisconsin DOA-Health Certificate.