Organic Dry Veal Calf Rennet Powder 40 Gallon

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About This Product

All natural, organic dry veal calf rennet powder can be used to set milk to make any type of cheese at home. 

40 Gallon Packet - use only 1/16th teaspoon with 2 Gallons Milk

Directions: dissolve in a small amount of clean cool water, wait 5-10 minutes then pour across the milk surface, stirring for 3-4 gentle strokes. 

Option provided to order Set of 5 Small Volume Measuring Spoons ( 1/64th tsp up to 1/4 tsp )

Store in Refrigerator

  • GMO free
  • Gluten Free
  • 97% Chymosin enzyme
  • 3% Pepsin enzyme
  • Use only 1/16th teaspoon for 1-2 gallons of milk
  • Organic certified

The powder is concentrated so only a small amount of rennet is needed to make a ‘normal curd.’ Use 1/16 tsp (1/3gram) sets 2 gallons (7.5L) of milk or 2-3 grams for every 100 liters. To make a firmer or softer curd, adjust the ratio as needed. Once the powder has been placed in water, it should be used immediately or within a half hour to maintain effectiveness.


Spec Sheet

Organic Certificate

Gluten Free

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