theMilkman™ Penicillium Candidum

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essential for a beautiful white rind

About This Product

theMilkman™ Penicillium Candidum

(use with approx 32 batches using 2 gallons / batch)

PENICILLIUM CANDIDUM is used to produce the white mold around bloomy-rind cheeses, aiding in the ripening process and adding a variety of subtle flavors. 

Whether you are ready to experiment with your new Camembert and Brie cheesemaking kits or need to replenish your supplies, Penicillium candidum mold is a must-have on your shopping list. 

This is a classic strain that provides a beautiful white rind with mild aroma and flavor.

  • PC Candidum is essential to age and flavor Brie and Camembert and some French goat cheeses.

contains lactose (milk)

Home Cheese Making Usage:

  • Use 1/32nd  for 1-2 gal. of milk 
  • Use 1/16th tsp for 3-5 gal. of milk
  • This packet will make about 32 batches of 2 gallons each


 spec sheet


 Store in Freezer away from moisture



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