Yogurt in an Instant Pot

How to Make Instant Pot Yogurt in 4 Easy Steps
Use your Instant Pot to make Yogurt vs heating milk on the stove. 
Instant Pot YogurtInstant Pot Yogurt
Heat Milk to 180°F – 200°F: using your Instant Pot, heat to this temperature breaks the proteins up which is important for yogurt production. 
Cool Milk to 105°F – 115°F: using an ice bath or cold water bath, cool the heated milk mixture to 115F (preferred).
Add Yogurt Starter to Milk: sprinkle a tiny amount of one of cultures onto the surface of the milk, allowing the powdered culture to completely dissolve before mixing into the milk in your Instant Pot. Wait for Yogurt to set, about 10-12 hours or whenever it thickens, becomes tangy and you love it. 
Cooling and straining: cool your new yogurt in the refrigerator for an hour or so, then use our medium draining/straining bag to thicken your yogurt.

Optional: if you love real organic vanilla in your yogurt, try adding our Vanilla Bean. Simply scrape the seeds from the Vanilla Pod into the milk prior to heating the milk. Click here to see our Vanilla beans.  Add some of our local raw honey in your yogurt--DELICIOUS.

Instant Pot Yogurt Information

Milk: Raw, whole, 1% or 2% are preferred milks to use. Skim milk does not work well and powdered milks give the yogurt an awful flavor.  Place the milk in jars then into your Instant Pot or for larger yogurt batches, place your milk directly into your Instant Pot.

Yogurt Cultures: Some use store bought yogurt as the starter culture. This will work, however many store bought yogurts do not contain a large amount of the healthy bacteria one is going for in yogurt.  And, the cost of using a quality yogurt culture is pennies per batch. So what not use the best to make the best quality, healthy yogurt.  We offer yogurt cultures of various bacteria strains, some include the probiotic strains. All our cultures include usage rate and storage instructions and storage bag. Click here to see our special yogurt cultures.  If you make yogurt frequently and want the highest quality and the healthiest yogurt with the highest bacteria count, use one of our culture. You can use some of your first batch to make more yogurt: one part first batch yogurt to nine parts milk.

Straining your yogurt: Use our fine mesh food grade strain bag to produce the deliciously thick and rich Greek style yogurt. I recommend our Medium Draining/Straining Bag, excellent for batches of up to 2 gallons of milk. Click here to see our draining bags.


Using an Instant Pot to make yogurt is Easy, Healthy and Fun. Start today.