Blue Cheese Foil Wrap Heavy 2 Ply Sheets 18" x 18" Eight Sheets

Large (18" x 18") Blue Cheese Foil Wrapping Sheets

About This Product

BLUE CHEESE FOIL WRAP  Large 18" x 18" sheets Heavy Weight Professional Foil Wrap

Eight Foil Sheets: One side silver coated, inside non coated to wrap your blue cheeses in.


These specially designed blue cheese wrapping sheets allow your blue cheese to age with control of the rind.

(4" GIFT BOX SHOWN IS NOT INCLUDED-  shown for Size Reference only next to 9" x 9" sheets)


18" x 18" sheets  (8 sheets)    Large sheets for Large Blues or you can cut to smaller sizes


Heavy Weight Foil Wrap also available in 9" x 9" sheets:

 9" x 9" sheets  (8 sheets)    Perfect size to wrap Baby Blues 



Shipping included within the USA. International shipping available.