Blue Cheese Foil Wrapping Sheets-18x18 in.(45.7cm) Eight Sheets

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About This Product

Eight Foil Sheets: One side silver coated, inside non coated to wrap your blue cheeses in.

These specially designed blue cheese wrapping sheets allow your blue cheese to age with control of the rind. You may also want to brush or spray a mold inhibitor(Natamycin) onto the rind to keep blue mold from forming on the rind.

Shipping included within the USA. International shipping available.

What Our Customers Say

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    Excellent quality of product and service!

    Posted by Tess on 19th Mar 2019

    I've been using this paper to wrap butter. It is easy to work with, keeps the butter fresh, and looks great. Furthermore, Steve has always provided prompt and helpful service. This paper is not easy to find, but thecheesemaker is able to source it at a great price.