Blue Cheese Piercing Tool (Piercing Needle)

Encourages Blue 'Vein' formation in aging Blue Cheeses

About This Product


Pierce your Blue Cheese when aging to encourage / enhance the formation of internal 'Blue Veins'


4.75" Needle (12 cm) with storage case.

Cleaning:  Hand wash and dry; store in case



When aging your Blue Cheese (at about 50-60F) and after 7-14 days and when Blue Mold is prominent on outside of cheese, use this tool to pierce the cheese to

allow improved 'Blue Vein' formation inside the cheese.   Hold the cheese in one gloved hand, and pierce the sides several times as well as the top 

and bottom.  Gently rotate the needle to expand the hole, remove and reinsert for the next hole.    After piercing, we recommend wrapping your 

aging Blue Cheese in BLUE CHEESE FOIL and continuing to age in your AGING CONTAINER at a lower temp (normal refrigerator works) of about 40-45F for

another 6-8 weeks, flipping once a week.  Keep a small container of H2O in the Aging Container to keep humidity up.


Shipping included in the 48 States.  International shipping available.

What Our Customers Say

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    Blue Cheese Piercing device

    Posted by DJ on 24th Mar 2022

    Works great- and I got really nice blue veins throughout my cheese!