Fenugreek/Foenugreek Seeds

add a subtle maple flavor to your cheese!

About This Product

Fenugreek seeds are quite commonly used in Eastern Indian cooking to add flavor and color.  They have become popular in cheese making as they add a nice maple-syrup flavor to Gouda and other mild semi soft and hard cheeses. To prepare the seeds for use in cheese making, boil them in a small amount of water. Turn off the heat, cover the pot and allow them to stand overnight or for 12 hours. The following morning the water is discarded and the seeds are lightly sprinkled in the curds prior to pressing. 


Use approx 1 tsp seeds per 2 gallons of milk 

2 oz Package (56 g)


A little goes a long way, adding just the right amount of maple-syrup flavor.  You can adjust amount after using for the first time.


Shipping included within the 50 United States.