Deluxe Yogurt Making Kit

Includes 3 Different Yogurt Starter Cultures

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Deluxe Yogurt Making Kit with Variety Pack of 3 of Different Yogurt Starter Cultures


Make your own YOGURT- high probiotic activity and AMAZING FLAVOR !!


It's so EASY... It's so DELICIOUS...Impress your friends and family!


Deluxe Yogurt Making Kit

Your Kit Includes:

 *STAINLESS STEEL 1/2 Gallon (2 Liter) theMilkman™ YOGURT INCUBATOR

  • Keeps heated milk at the right temperature for your Yogurt to incubate
  • Non-electric; easy to use
  • Use with ½ gallon of milk  (2L)
  • Want to make a smaller 1 Quart batch?  Incubator includes an insert for smaller volumes as well!


 *theMilkman™  Variety Pack Yogurt Culture Sampler:

   includes 1 packet each of these 3 Yogurt Cultures:

  • theMilkman™  SMOOTHY STYLE  Yogurt Culture
  • theMilkman™  YO+ Greek Probiotic Yogurt Culture 
  • theMilkman™ YO+ MILD Bulgarian Yogurt Culture   


*Includes SMALL Nylon Draining Bag to easily drain your Yogurt

*Includes Small Volume 5 piece Measuring Spoon Set

*Includes Milk Thermometer to monitor temp as you warm your milk


 *Includes step by step Yogurt Making Instructions 



  • Vanilla Beans from Madagascar (use seeds to add vanilla flavor)
    • Packet of 3 Vanilla Beans

 Optional Larger Straining / Draining Bag

Our small food grade nylon straining bag comes with the kit, and is used to strain out some of the yogurt whey which will result in a very thick Greek yogurt, high in milk solids and rich in good fat and proteins. 

    • Optional Large Light Duty Straining/Draining bag (great for 1-3 gallon batches)
    • This larger bag also fits nicely across a standard colander which can make draining a very easy and simple process.


The famous non-electric Yogurt maker included with your Kit  (theMilkman™- Stainless Steel)** is so easy to use.  Nothing to plug in.  Fill the incubator with your warmed / cultured milk  and relax while the theMilkman™ Stainless Yogurt Incbator incubates your home made Yogurt.  It will maintain the correct temperature throughout the incubation period.  When the incubation period is finished, simply pour out finished yogurt and strain using your straining bag (included) to the thickness you desire.  

If you want the richer, creamier, thicker Greek style yogurt, strain your longer ( up to 8 hours) overnight in refrigerator.


Vanilla Beans
Optional: Three Grade A-1 Premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Only $14.97 (Reg: $28.00) when you purchase the Yogotherm. Scrape the seeds from one Vanilla Bean to add delicious flavor to your yogurt. These beans are much longer than what you usually find and they are thick and plump. Only the best for our customers who take pride in using the highest quality ingredients. 



 Click here to download: How to Make Yogurt.


Shipping included within the Continental USA.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, International shipping available.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    Great YOGURT First time trying!

    Posted by DJ on 3rd Apr 2024

    This kit is simple and easy to use; the cultures make different types of yogurt and they were all really good, and the draining bag makes it easy to thicken the yogurt. I have to say the incubator was GREAT- it held the temp for over 10 hours ( I didn't test it longer) - and finally the recipes provided are easy to follow! love it!

  • 4
    Easy to use

    Posted by Caprine's Muse on 24th Jul 2016

    So far so good, I have made 3 batches of yogurt and each has turned out great. Holding the temperature well. Was a little concerned when arrived and product consisted of plastic and Styrofoam, but seems to be the right combination and working well. Appreciate the great customer service! Note from Steve/ I too like the simplicity and non electric capability of this product.