Draining Tray Insert (Insert Only)


About This Product

Custom Draining Insert (Insert Only) to fit Whey Draining Tray

Replacement or additional insert for Black Draining Tray

Allows use of Draining Tray with Moulds with Bottom (Tray Only) or Bottomless Moulds and Hoops (Use Insert)


Food grade polypro insert: If you're using moulds or hoops that are bottomless, you should include ordering the insert.

Whey Drainage Tray Insert
This custom insert has thin grooves embedded to help drain off whey, yet will not indent into your cheese.

Use the TRAY ONLY for Moulds that have bottoms.

Use the TRAY & INSERT TOGETHER when draining Hoops or Moulds that are bottomless. 




Food Grade Insert for Custom Draining Tray:

Food Grade Insert to fit our Custom Made Draining Tray for home and small artisan cheese makers.  It is pitched and constructed so whey can expel neatly off one side. This tray fits onto the base of our Dutch Style Cheese Presses,

or use it with any press or mould.

Made of heavy duty food grade FDA approved plastic, this tray will really make it easy to drain whey without the usual mess and cleanup. It has many useful applications for home and artisan cheese makers.

Tray washing instructions:  hand wash in warm water. Do not wash in dishwasher. 
Insert Washing instructions: recommended hand wash, though ok to wash in dishwasher.

Size: inside width: 8 5/8 in.(21.9cm.),  inside length:  9 1/2 in.(24.1cm.), Inside length to runoff:  12 1/2 in.(31.1cm.).
Outside width:  9 7/8 in.(25cm),  outside length: 13 1/8 in.(33.3cm).

Shipping included within the USA.   International shipping available.