Large 24" x 39" Draining or Ripening Mat

Food Grade. Easily cuts to preferred Size

About This Product

Ripening Mats:  Size: 24" x39"  (61 cm x 101cm) 

Comes in a single small 'roll' that you can cut to any preferred size.

This mat material is sturdy and firm; easy to cut with scissors to size.

Fine Mesh: 1/8" Square Openings  (3.18 mm openings)

Color: natural(clear)


FDA approved food grade polypropylene ripening mat square mesh. This heavy duty washable ripening mat cleans up easily.  These professional cheese making ripening mats are perfect for all cheese making ripening or draining needs.  Can be easily cut to fit the size you need or overlapped to create a larger size mat.  To clean, spray with warm or hot water.  Soak in hot water using Easy Clean food grade cleanser to remove any hard to clean spots, then rinse again in hot water.  



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