Large Deluxe Cheese Aging Containers-Includes Lid, Draining Platform & Mat

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Ideal for larger cheeses up to 8" diameter

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 Note- we also have a smaller Aging Container that will hold 2 each  4" wheels 

Includes Lid, Draining Platform and Draining Mat

A Popular Item often ordered with Aging Containers:  BAMBOO MAT  for those who wish to age their cheeses on bamboo

Use this container to age larger Brie or other larger cheeses It will hold cheeses up to 8" in diameter and 5.75" high, or it can 

be used with 3 smaller cheeses from 4" Brie/Blue Cheese type moulds.


12.75" L  x  10.25"W  x 6" Deep

Important note:  This aging container is dishwasher safe; however do not put the DRAINING MAT through the dishwasher.  Hand wash draining mat.


Cheeses age in your refrigerator inside container, on top of draining mat and platform.  This protects your cheese from contaminants.


blue-cheese-again-with-added-moisture.jpg You can add small vessels with water or water/sponge to increase humidity inside container

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