Penicillium Candidum Sam 3 2-10 Size

Penicillium Candidum Sam 3 to make Camembert and Brie cheese.

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Penicillium Candidum - Sam 3  2 & 10 Size

Whether you are ready to experiment with your new Camembert and Brie cheesemaking kits or need to replenish your supplies, Penicillium candidum mold is a must-have on your shopping list. This particular ingredient is used to produce the white mold around bloomy-rind cheeses, aiding in the ripening process and adding a variety of subtle flavors. Neige is a strain that provides rapid growth and curd breakdown, while also supporting a slow maturation time. Penicillium candidum vegan strains are also available for those working with cashews and other vegan ingredients. With each strain being unique, try one at a time, or create a combination. These techniques are just a couple of the many fascinating aspects of the art of cheesemaking. Use one mixture to inoculate your Brie cheese cultures and add another to your Camembert cultures, creating new flavors, textures and aromas. For further variations, spray the cheese directly with the mold instead of inoculation. With each batch, keep a record of the methods you use and the different outcomes that result from the experiments. As you delve further into the world of cheese and cheesemaking, these notes can aid you in future recipes and inspire fresh ideas. 

  • Essential to age and flavor a variety of French goat cheeses, Brie and Camembert 
  • Each strain provides a subtle flavor variation
  • Freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Inoculation
  • Neige has a high proteolytic activity for quicker breakdown of curd mass
  • Neige has a more moderate lipolytic activity resulting in a slower aging process
  • Dilute each packet when spraying onto the cheese 
  • Add packet directly into the cheese culture for inoculation
  • May benefit from the addition of Geotrichum candidum to maintain the stability of the rind
  • Available in 2 or 10 dose packets
  • Yields 100 (2 dose packet) and 300 (10 dose packet) of Baby-Brie and Camembert cheeses
  • Packaged in units of 20 
  • Refrigerate upon delivery
  • Kosher certified

Each packet will make approximately 100(2 dose)-300(10 dose) Camembert/Baby-Brie cheeses.

You may also need to use Geotrichum Candidum. Use 1/32nd-1/16th tsp.(.14g-.07g) for 1-5 gal.(3.75liters-19 liters) of milk.

See Kosher Cert at Molds.

Spec Sheet

You can directly inoculate the milk or spray this mold onto your cheese using this convenient Small Spray Bottle on our Supplies page. Cheese Making Hobby

Note: It may be a bit daunting as to which strain of PC you use to make your favorite bloomy rind cheese. Experimenting with different strains will result in slightly different flavor. Blending two strains together will also result in a slightly different flavor. Though subtle, it is fun to try new strains and techniques. Directly inoculating the milk vs spraying the PC onto the cheese will produce slightly different results. The higher the proteolytic activity the faster the protein breakdown, i.e. the faster the curd mass will breakdown and get soft/runny. The higher the lipolytic activity the faster the mold will break down the fat and produce the free fatty acid flavors.  i.e. the faster the flavor will develop. The * represents the speed of this activity.


strain proteolytic activity at 12c(53.6f) lipolytic activity at 12c(53.6f) fatty acids
ABL ** *** ***
VS ** ** *
Neige **** ** *
HP 6 **** *** *
Sam 3 **** **** *

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