Penicillium Roqueforti PRB6 Vegan Strain LARGE 250 GALLON 5D BOTTLE

For Blue Cheese Making (Vegan Strain)

About This Product

Penicillium Roqueforti PRB6 is a Vegan strain and in a liquid form. 

PRB6 Strain is a liquid form of Penicillium Roqueforti that has a blue-green color, grows fast and a strong blue flavor. 

PRB6 can be used to make 'regular' Milk Based Blue Cheeses, or it can be used in Vegan Cheese making to make 'Cashew' or other Nut Based Blue Cheeses.

Follow the steps of regular cheese making to make blue cheese but add in one crucial step to the process: needling.

Pierce the cheese to introduce air which will create the famous blue veins. 


Usage levels:



Use 1/32 tsp. for one gallon of milk  (use one drop per gallon of milk)


For commercial usage, use 2 doses for every 1000 liters of milk (2200 lbs.).

Each Bottle is 5 'Doses'


Spec Sheet PRB6  (Vegan)  

Expiration date: These bottles come from France and they put the DAY first, then the MONTH and then the YEAR.

After this date, the product does not stop working or 'expire'. If stored properly, it will be viable for a long time after the date listed.  Store in freezer.


Kosher Certified   Non GMO

Shipping included within the USA. International shipping available.