Deluxe Blue CheeseMaker Kit


About This Product

Makes Eight Blue Cheeses with EASY TO USE pre-measured Culture and Rennet packets!

Deluxe Blue Cheese Making Kit

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Your Kit Includes:

The kit contains the following and allows you to make delicious & beautiful Blue Cheese!

The CheeseMaker Kit Includes:

(1) Plastic aging container - (Small) 13"L (33cm) x 7-1/2"W (19cm) x 4-1/2"H (11.4cm). Easily fits on the shelf of most refrigerators.

(1) Large Dial Thermometer. (0-220f)
(2) Camembert/Baby-Brie Gift Boxes.
(1) Plastic draining mat.
(1) 2 sq yard cheese cloth.
(1) Draining platform.
(1) Bamboo mats.

(1) Stainless Steel Curd Scooper to scoop curds into moulds

(8) Blue Cheese Foil Wrap paper  (9" x 9")  for wrapping and aging.

(1) 1 oz Bottle Liquid Calcium Chloride. Helps milk coagulate (form a curd).

(2) Soft Cheese Camembert/ Blue Cheese Hoop Mould to form your curds


Includes Ready to Use Cheese Making Culture and Rennet:  

4 each  Packet #1; Culture/Mold (pre-mixed correct ratios of MM100 & Penicillium Roqueforti)

4 each Packet #2  Dry Calf Rennet powder.

(One packet #1 of Culture/Mold along with one packet #2 of Rennet will make two Blue cheeses using two gallons of milk.)


Includes: Camembert/Brie/Blue Cheese Making eBook;  (emailed to you)

You may also select ordering the optional Hard Copy version.



**(The Dry Calf Rennet used in this Kit is not Certified Kosher. Leave a note at checkout if you require Kosher rennet.)

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