Ricotta Cheese


The following is the best homemade ricotta cheese recipe.

(cannot be made from lactic whey-from making Chevre or other high acid cheeses)

1. Heat whey to 190-200F.
2. Turn off heat.
3. Add ½ tsp. of citric acid or ¼ cup of white vinegar per each gallon of whey.
4. Stir for two minutes, then let mixture rest and cool until you see pieces of white Ricotta form on the surface.
5. Line a colander with very fine mesh cloth (or use hanging nylon cheese bag) and gently pour or scoop whey into lined colander.
6. Let drain overnight at room temperature.
7. Take out Ricotta and gently mix salt into it. You can also mix herbs or blend other fresh items into your Ricotta.

Note: If your Ricotta is very course and dry, you can smooth/cream it up a bit by blending in a little milk, water or cream. You can blend it smooth and then put in melted chocolate or just about anything to flavor it.



-The CheeseMaker