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  • Salometer (Brine Hydrometer), Salinometer, Salimeter
  • Salometer (Brine Hydrometer), Salinometer, Salimeter
  • Salometer Test Jar
  • Brine Sampler

Salometer (Brine Hydrometer), Salinometer, Salimeter


Product Description

Our custom made Salometer (Brine Hydrometer), Salinometer, Salimeter includes both 0-100% of salt by weight and 0-26 degrees of saturation with 25 being total saturation of NaCl. This is called a 'heavy brine'.  A 'light brine' is at 3 degrees or 10% of salt by weight.  A green line marks both the light and heavy brine.

Salometer, Test Jar and Sampler:   You can purchase one, two or all three, based on your brining needs. 

1. Salometer: 0-100% saturation marks

Length: 12 in.(30.4cm)

2. Test Jar (to measure a small sample of your brine).
Length: 10 in.(25.4cm) 

3. Brine sampler which will draw out the sample of brine to fill the Test Jar with 1/4 oz. graduation marks.
Length: 15 in.(38cm), Bulb width: 2.5 in.(6.3cm)

The glass Salometer reads the percentage of saturation or salt precentage at 50-60f(15.5c). Scale: 0-100% saturation. Divisions: 1%

Optional accessories include Salometer Test Jar and Brine Sampler which help to sample your brine without putting the Salometer directly into the brine. And quite necessary for small brine tanks(containers).

Note:  If you need to use a 25% salt saturation level (common for Gouda and other semi-hard cheeses, add salt until the Salometer reading reaches 75, then subtract 75 from 100 to get 25. Heavy Brine for Goudacheese:  2 lbs.(900 grams) of non-iodized salt to one gallon of clean pre-boiled/cooled water.  Use Salometer to achieve a salt concentration of 20-23° Baumè(1.148-1.169) Speciļ¬c Gravity or 25% saturation.Use a little white vinegar 1 tsp.(4.9ml) or ½ tsp.citric acid and 1 tbs.(14.7ml) liquid calcium chloride to bring the pH(test with pH strips of pH meter) of the brine to 5.4-5.2.  

Use non-iodized cheese salt when making brine.  Brine Calculator Chart


Shipping included within the USA.

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